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Art healing is a term that is applied to any artform used in healing and is a relatively new concept in western society. Only in the last 20 years have doctors, therapists, and other medical types begun to acknowledge and study the theraputic effects of creating artwork upon physical, emotional, and mental well being.

Visually dealing with tramatic emotions can feel safer then dealing with them in words.

It lets us express things we cannot express in words.

Its helpful in releasing emotions.

It is a powerful therapeutic process that has meaning and comes directly from our own feelings and imagination.

It allows us to get to know ourselves.

It is available to everyone.

It enhances our lives and reduces stress.

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Upcoming Events

by    Kalamandalam Aneesh and Rajkumar
time 8.30 am 22nd Sept
by   Kalamandalam Prajeesha
time 5.30 pm 22nd Sept
Kathakali Keechakavadham
by   Kalanilayam Anil Kumar
time 6 pm at SMR Vinay Galaxy Hoodi Circle
on the 22nd of September
Kathakali Kiraatham
at Heritage Apartments on the 28th of Sept 2013
Thayambaka by two 11 year old artists- at Heritage Apartments on 29th Sept at 10.30 am
A fusion about our art forms at Y's Men International on 29th Sept at 1pm

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