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Thinking Aloud....

We talk about culture and tradition being upheld and taught... but how far are we able to instill the values of community in ourselves and our kids? We now are in the middle of little knowledge and nothingness.

In our childhood we have seen many of our parents rebelling the old school of thought and hence most of our contemporaries are not aware of the real traditional values and the connotations behind them.

Onam can now be celebrated a month before Onam on any weekend and till December... just like Karnataka Rajyotsava.

Is it called broadmindedness or adjustments?

How many of our friends will get a holiday to celebrate Id, Diwali, Christmas, Bihu, Guru Purnima , Dashami, Ganesh Puja, Ugadi or Pongal before or after the festival?

Dont you feel that crores of people who celebrate Onam should be given at least three days of choice to take leave without the fear of work, exams, college or school? We do not have the audacity to ask for a holiday but at least a choice to be with family without disturbing other's work... do we have to still prove to our country that we have a strong root and we and our children want to connect with it?

Is Mahabali so neglected that we can adjust his coming and going?

Don't our old parents and elders feel and yearn for those days when their parents used to have those twenty days of celebrations starting from Attham? I am sure they are now feeling that they should have carried on at least a part of what they have got. Now all we have are the old stories told by some of them.

Onam or Vishu has now reduced to a Sadya in many families.... and when you do not associate it with religion, it gets even more diluted to a Sadya and a cultural evening. We have many associations and housing Apartments celebrating Onam with flower decoration and feast.....let us be a part of those to keep this great community festival alive.....Let us hope that one day we will have tradition coming back to us through the youngsters before the older generation with all those art forms and rituals vanish. Let us also pray that when our people rule the world with the most modern knowledge, they keep their roots strong and respect what our roots have given us

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time 8.30 am 22nd Sept
by   Kalamandalam Prajeesha
time 5.30 pm 22nd Sept
Kathakali Keechakavadham
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time 6 pm at SMR Vinay Galaxy Hoodi Circle
on the 22nd of September
Kathakali Kiraatham
at Heritage Apartments on the 28th of Sept 2013
Thayambaka by two 11 year old artists- at Heritage Apartments on 29th Sept at 10.30 am
A fusion about our art forms at Y's Men International on 29th Sept at 1pm

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