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Have you ever wondered about the history of the place you are born? Is there a necessity to know about the history? Well didn’t you always feel that history is boring and why do we have to learn or know about the things in the past? Most of us would have skipped the dates while reading the history texts and would have slept in the classes.
Now when I look back, I realize that there was a lot of things I did learn in spite of sleeping and skipping lessons in the classes, and that really amazes me. The most amazing fact is that what ever we were forced to learn was false history. They were either half truths or even manipulated history which people have written for immediate gain or fame.

Does knowing real history really mean something to us? Now I see that it is as simple as we wanting India to win more gold in the Olympics. Till we win, we do not give much heed to Olympics, but the day we strike gold, we start to follow the history of the Olympic medals. It is the same with every other achievement Indians have made in the recent times.( As recent as the pundit from Karnataka who performed the puja in the white house on Diwali.) Don’t we feel proud when the name of an Indian or even half an Indian flashes in the T.V screens or in the newspaper? That is just a small thing when we compare the immense influence Indian culture had in the West in the past. The only difference is that we are still in darkness about that matter.

We strive for world attention and express pride in our recent achievements, then, why are we blind to the glorious past of our nation?
How much of Indian heritage do we know other than the history texts written by Max Muller or Nehru’s Discovery of India?
Do we have to depend upon the facts about our country written by an outsider?
I have always tried to talk to the so-called intellectuals about our achievement in various fields in the ancient time. I have always been snubbed saying that they are false and we were nothing till the modern inventions of the West gave us knowledge and light.
The British were successful in filling contempt in every Indian mind about the heritage of India to such an extend that now they prescribe The Gita as the main text for management studies in almost all their universities and we still believe that it will give rise to fundamentalism . This is nothing but their success in keeping us away from our heritage.
Were we as lethargic as we are now? Were our towns and villages famous for spilled and overflowing garbage? Did people fear to land in this country as it hoarded loads of disease carrying viruses( as outsiders believe it does) ? Were the people selfish and money bribing citizens? Were our women subjugated and ill treated as we see in most of the households today? Did our people in the villages always eat in secrecy and defecate in the open? Did we ever have a Rama Rajya or The Perfect State?

Let me give you certain instances written by famous scholars of the world:

The great German Scholar Doham said,” India is the cradle of human race. She is the birth place of human culture and traditions. The people of this place are the most well cultured and well behaved people.’

The great scholar and historian Voltaire wrote” We are well advanced to Indians in terms of courage and cruelty and we are way behind them when we take the case of common sense and intelligence (vivekam). Our European countries fight with each other and perish. We seek only the wealth of gold/ money. But the ancient people of Greece traveled to India only to gain the wealth of knowledge. I’m very sure that whatever we got is from the banks of the Ganges.. Astro- science, astrology, the science of re-birth and all other things…

William Masishond writes,” Every single book of history depicts India as the Mother of all sciences and arts. This country was very famous for its richness in science and philosophical intelligence. Hence all the philosophers of Greece never missed a chance to travel to India. They came here to enhance their knowledge.”
The great French scholar Pierrie Soniratt says,” We see the most ancient heritage’s footprints in India. Every nation had scholars coming to India to learn about the basics of science and scientific knowledge. When India was in her glorious period, she contributed to the development of modern religions and law to other nations. Egypt and Greece are always indebted to India for their history and scientific knowledge as they had carried all those from India.” In 1901 a British historian wrote, “A century and half ago, India’s Bengal was much more prosperous than the whole of Britain.”
Another British historian wrote,” After the Battle of Plassey in 1757, the wealth which was looted from Bengal reached Britain. This wealth was the only reason for the beginning of Industrial Revolution. If this wealth wouldn’t have reached Britain there would not have been any revolution in Europe.”
“From the time of the evolution of the world, the world history says that the wealth deposit looted from India was the most profitable one to the looters of the West. All the riches found in the West are because of the loot from India,” Another British historian wrote.

The Britishers wanted the Indians to feel that they are an inferior race and for that they convinced them by saying that only white race can give them knowledge and light. They, in the pretext of freeing the Indians from darkness ,took away all the scriptures of ancient knowledge. They smuggled the palm leaf scriptures of all the scientific knowledge and massacred those who claimed themselves as scholars. They kidnapped the Sanskrit language scholars and forced them to teach Sanskrit to the European linguists so that they could decipher and learn the scriptures. This was not done within a month or a year. They took almost 250 years to slowly kill and wipe out our knowledge bank. The only fault of our people was that they were peace loving and was not threatened by the peace loving people who came spread the message of God.
We, the new generation just can’t believe that the knowledge what we had was world treasure. The conquerors didn’t leave any of our scholarly forefathers or their families alive to give us a proof of our forefathers’ works and teachings. When we finally got independence, we had already lived three to four generations in ignorance. How would we ever know about our history when the conjurers mercilessly massacred anyone who knew or even talked about it in the 1700s?
Now we are digging out cities and scriptures buried then without their knowledge in our country. We (through the foreign history students of other universities) are also having access to the ancient scriptures, which were looted and smuggled, preserved in the foreign universities in all over Europe. As the future proud Indians we should stand by this glorious heritage of our nation and try to acquire what ever knowledge on this issue. Don’t you think it is our responsibility to do that?
( In the next issue I will throw some light on the scientific knowledge we had hundreds of years ago)

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